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White, Black or Green? The role of roof design in affecting the urban heat island

This is a poster I presented at the American Meteorological Society Urban Environment Symposium.

Payback Analysis of a Solar Hot Water System

This was a project for a Solar Engineering course. We analyzed the economic feasibility of installing a solar hot water system on a Portland, OR home, given some reasonable restrictions imposed by the homeowner.

CFD Analysis to Calculate Convection Coefficient of Rooftop Solar Panel

This goal of this computational fluid dynamics (CFD) project was to determine the heat transfer characteristics of a solar panel mounted at different angles on a rooftop. Star CCM+ software was used.

CFD Tutorial: Mesh Refinement Techniques

This tutorial was written to explain some mesh refinement techniques I discovered during my CFD course.

Analysis of Natural and Artificial Lighting in Classroom

The goal of this project was to measure light levels in a Portland State classroom. Measured light levels are also compared to the predictions of two different software models.

Elementary School Environmental Porformance Audit

This report was a project I worked on as part of an Architectural Technolgy class. In order to organize the work, we split the class into sub-groups, with each group focusing on one aspect of the building. The focus of my group was "Energy Analysis".

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